Jacoba, Feliciana



As envisioned by the Legislative Branch of our National Government, Republic Act No. 9485, otherwise known as the Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007, should bring about the highest degree of efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of public service.


As a higher education institution and state university for that matter, the Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology has long since committed itself to becoming a dynamic social system. It has steadfastly embraced the commitment to be a market place of ideas being home to scholars, theorists, and practitioners in various fields of human endeavors. It never rests lengthily upon a certain comfort zone but rather continuously contemplates to reengineer or reinvent its operational system.


This Citizen's Charter,  as a legal provision of R.A. No. 0485,  is just a proof of NEUST’s  capability, willingness  and readiness to adopt relevant operational systems and procedures if only to further improve the delivery of services for the benefit of its clientele which is the ultimate goal of the Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007.


As indicated earlier, we are always open to all comments and suggestions that will further enhance the performance of our duties and functions as public servants. Consequently, this makes this Citizen's Charter always ready for further enhancement.