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As a center of development and excellence in graduate education globally and locally.


1.     To provide world-class quality education in all its program offerings.

2.     To promote competent and ethical leadership and professionalism among graduate students.

3.     To strengthen the moral, spiritual and ethical values of graduate students to attain a balanced spiritual life amidst scientific progress and advancement.


To undertake productive and relevant researches that will contribute to quality instruction, effective extension services, globally competitive technologies, good governance and curriculum development.


To contribute significantly to the improvement of the quality of life of the people within the province and the region, in particular, and the country, in general.


To lead in the production and packaging of globally competitive technologies responsive to the demands and needs of the University, province, region and country.

Programs Objective

          Admission Requirements

The applicant must:

1.       Be baccalaureate degree holder for masters and master degree holder for doctoral;

2.       Have earned a general average of 85% or its equivalent rating, B or 2.0 for masters and 1.75 (or higher) for doctoral;

3.       Submit two (2) letters of recommendation from former professors or supervisors;

4.       Submit a certified true copy of original transcript of records;

5.       Two (2) copies of 2 x 2 picture; and

6.       Submit Certificate of English Proficiency and permit to study issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs in the case of foreign students.


1. The Graduate School adopts and maintains a retention policy 

both at the master's and doctoral programs.

2. To continue in the program, the student should have

          a. a weighted average of 2.0 or better.

          b. not been convicted of any wrong doing involving

               moral turpitude and violation of existing university rules, policies and regulations.

3. A student allowed to take the comprehensive examination for

not more than three times. A student who takes and fails the comprehensive examination

for the third time will be automatically out of the program