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Goals of the College of Criminology

The College of Criminology shall pursue the following goals:

1. To offer courses designed to produce licensed criminologist who are skilled, knowledgeable, and competitive in the field of crime prevention, fire prevention, correction and penology and the law enforcement duties.

2. To promote and maintain quality and relevant education and academic excellence among faculty and students alike.

3. To cooperate and coordinate with the different Colleges and other agencies of the University towards the realization of the general objectives and goals of the Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology.

4. To establish linkages with outside agencies to facilitate the accomplishment of the thrusts of the University.

5. To extend all possible assistance within its reasonable means to the different Colleges, Agencies of the University and to the Academic Council.

Core Values of the College of Criminology 

The College of Criminology shall strive to exemplify and impart the following virtues:

1. Pride and Distinction

2. Concern and respect for others.

3. Loyalty to the institution and to the President.

4. Highest degree of discipline and responsibility.

5. To raise the bar of academic excellence.

6. Commitment to strive and excel in academics, sports and extra-curricular activities.

7. Cooperation, commitment to democratic ideals in the field of law enforcement education


The College of Criminology is one of the component College of the Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology, established primarily to provide quality, affordable and globally competitive criminology program to the people of Nueva Ecija and neighboring provinces.

The college seeks to distinguish itself as a trial blazing institution in law enforcement education, with emphasis on strict discipline, regimented academic life, character development and adherence to human rights.

Mission of the College of Criminology

In realizing its vision, the College of Criminology is committed to:

1. Provide the students with a globally competitive education at par with the best in the field of criminal justice education.

2. Develop character, discipline and competencies necessary for their chosen profession.

3. Cultivate an academic atmosphere necessary to pass the board exams in accord with a regimented cadetship program to establish and instill amongst student the ability for analytical and critical thinking and promote awareness through inquiry and reflection.

4. Instill camaraderie and values that will support the University´s objective of professional competence and excellence.

5. Enrich and broaden the student´s scientific and technical knowledge and promote the scientific discipline and attitude.

Philosophy of the College of Criminology

    It is committed to providing a broad liberal education in the field of law enforcement, crime prevention, fire safety, correction and penology geared towards the holistic development of the individual, providing graduates who are creative, empowered to effect changes not only in himself but also to the environment and the society to realize fullness in human life.