To commit itself to the pursuit of academic excellence in order to develop high quality professionals and community leaders who are competent, highly skilled and globally competitive in the fields of management and business technology

Program Objectives

Major in Economics

1. To strengthen the ability of the students to engage in an interdisciplinary analysis of problems and issues in the theory and practices of economics with specific applications to business governance

2. To train and encourage students to engage in economic and financial analysis, socio-economic and business research in order to enhance their knowledge and technical skills.

3. To produce competent graduates in the field of Economics who can contribute towards the attainment of local and national economic development.

Major in Entrepreneurship

1. To prepare the students to be self-reliant and encourage their participation or contribution to the national economic and social development.

2. To equip the students with the necessary knowledge and technical skills in putting up their own businesses

3. To develop and strengthen the entrepreneurial skills of the students leading to the establishment of productive enterprise

Major in Marketing

1. To train and develop versatile and excellent student in the field of marketing

2. To involve the students in scholarly and relevant marketing research work and enhance their proficiency as future marketing researchers or business professionals.

3. To equip the students with the necessary knowledge and technical skills in managing a marketing firm or organization.



1. To continuously provide relevant, updated and high quality education in all levels of discipline that will be responsive to the needs of the business and industry.

2. To inculcate in every business student academic excellence, professional and social responsibility

3. To provide a quality business education that parallels the university curricula and conforms to the highest standards of the Philippine education system.


     To develop globally competitive management and business technologies that are responsive to the needs of the University, its target clienteles and the country in general.


To contribute to the upliftment of the standard of living of the people through transfer of business technologies


To undertake researches which are marketable and relevant to quality instruction and extension services.


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